Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sticker and crayon play

As an OT I am obviously interested in developing Little Miss CS' fine motor skills. I am continually inspired by the amazing blogs that I follow but often the activities that I see are targeted more at the 2-4 year age range.

Last week I bought a packet of stickers at Kmart (Dora of course!) and thought we would give them a go. I had to help Little Miss pull them off the page but then she loved placing them on the paper and pointing/chatting about them. We had the crayons out as well and we both did some drawing on and around the stickers. I have been using Crayola Slick Stix with Little Miss because they are so smooth and so much darker than regular crayons so she is able to see her drawings better and get more immediate satisfaction from her drawing attempts.

Here is our finished product:

This activity is good for:

  •  Fine motor skills (pulling the stickers off, drawing with crayons)
  • Starting to understand that what we draw means something (the very beginnings of handwriting believe it or not!)
  • Language development (pointing at drawings/stickers and talking about them and labelling them)
What are your favourite toddler fine motor activities?

CSM xx

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