Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Our own cardboard box challenge

This past week I have been totally inspired by the 20 bloggers out there who have been partaking in the Tinkerlab cardboard box challenge. Lots of the bloggers who participated seemed to have older children so I wanted us to do something that was age appropriate for Little Miss CS (15 months).

Little Miss CS has been very sick the past week but on Sunday morning (Mothers Day) we decided to risk a trip to Bunnings to pick up some new herbs for the garden and some wood for Mr CS (he is making us a craft table - yay! - will blog about it when it's done). Anyway, when we were mosying around Bunnings, I saw some vanities that they had in very large boxes. I quickly cornered a young salesman and asked him if I could have one of the boxes. He said that they normally crush them straight away but that he would check out the back and see if there were any that hadn't been crushed yet. And.....success! We got a huge box that used to hold a very large pot.

So, that afternoon - after a LONG sleep by all of us - we decided to head outside and plant our herbs and BUILD OUR CUBBY!

CSM lovingly outlined where I wanted the doors and windows to be and then Mr CS and Little Miss CS took over and created our masterpiece.

Note the arch above the doorway after Little Miss CS hit her head on the way in the first time!

Little Miss CS just had to get in on the action....

 And then some more help from the inside...

Unfortunately since that afternoon Little Miss CS has been very sick so we haven't had a chance to play in it or paint it but we will and I will definitely post some photos when we do.

Are you inspired to do your own cardboard challenge?

What are your favourite beginning pretend play activities for toddlers?

Have a great week.

Common Sense Mummy (CSM) xx

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  1. Oh my! What a great little play house. I hope CS feels better soon so that she can fully enjoy her very own intimate play space. And thanks for sharing on TinkerLab - if you link this up at the end of the post, it will be part of the collective cardboard challenge group.